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About Us

Ask owner Dave Eastburn and Partner Fred Granja what distinguishes Gro'n Sell as a custom producer of annual and perennial plugs and liners and you'll receive the following response:
"Quality, Value, Variety and Service are what make the difference."
"Repeatability means we ship the same quality in January as we do in June."
"We do what it takes to satisfy our customer's requirements."
Dave refers to our products as "Predictable Quality" or "No Surprise" plugs.
On Thursdays our growers and support staff meet to make sure we are delivering what we promise. The young plants that leave our greenhouses must produce satisfied customers and help them be both successful and profitable. This is what we strive for.

This all sounds good but how do we make sure we accomplish this goal?

First and foremost it is people. Our current staff of growers has over 150 years of combined growing experience. Our people and their experience are then added to the investment in our facilities.
  • Three (3) acres of ultra clean greenhouses.
  • Argus environmental controls.
  • GTI GO-1 Plantmaster VPD Technology.
  • Insect/Thrip screened production areas.
  • Separate growing environments for different plant growth needs.
  • Rolling bench system.
  • Smart Booms.
  • Upgraded vegetative sticking lines by Rapid.
  • HID Lighting.
  • Bar Coded systems.
  • PICAS Software Systems provided by ISS.
  • PICAS Shipping systems.
  • Economical shipping via FedEx, UPS, Pallet shipping and LTL and grower truck services.
It's our people, facilities, product lines and our commitment to your satisfaction.

We feel that with our vast product line offering we become a one stop destination for our customers. From our smallest 384 cell to our largest 32 cell Big Burly we are ready to offer you our "predictable Quality" plugs and liners.

Added to our commitments stated above is our friendly customer service. Our customer service team is dedicated to doing it right the first time. Your orders are handled efficiently and professionally. We track your shipments and have an excellent on-time delivery history.

Gro'n Sell will continue to work hard to provide you with the tools and "predictable quality" young plants that you will need to survive and flourish in the market place of today and tomorrow.

Thank you for taking your time to find out more "about us".
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