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Like many businesses Gro'n Sell began as an idea without knowing fully where that idea would take you. In 1969 with the help of his Dad and Mr. Obrien his former employer, Dave began a lawn maintenance business. His brother Bob joined a year later and his current partner Fred Granja at the age of eleven began his role as the part time marketing department. Fred's job did not last to long. While putting Dave's circulars in mail boxes the postman stopped him and said you could be arrested for that. Another position was found and Fred joined the maintenance crew.

The business grew to several crews including maintenance, design and landscape installation along with irrigation systems. As the company grew and Dave made an unwise purchase of a train car load of peat moss with out consulting his Mom, everything changed. Since his Mom's patio was covered with bales and no light was permitted in any of the windows of the rear of the house for 2 stories Dave was, well. . .he had to find another place for his business.

After purchasing property with some unused greenhouses in 1971, Dave hoped to grow flowers for his landscape business customers. A neighbor was looking for a local grower to supply annuals for a test market of premium packaged bedding plants. The neighbor was Burpee Seeds. Their pilot bedding plant program incorporated cutting edge technology with special rolling carts, color coded pack and pots, specialty labels, a wetting gel in the soil, along with premium varieties. In the early 1970's this was ground breaking but was so ahead of it's time that it was discontinued after 2 years. This began our move from "mowing to growing". By the mid 70's a automated tier hanging basket system was designed along with the purchase of semi truck and refer trailer for the purchasing and distributing Florida foliage to box stores in the northeast. In 1978 Dave had a crazy idea that a little machine and a waffle tray would be the wave of the future for the greenhouse industry. Scraping together $2000 to purchase a seeder from the Blackmore Company was a turning point and Gro' n Sell began to "germinate". Though getting laughed at during presentations at sales meetings with phrases such as "why should I buy this thing for .05 or.06 cents when I can buy a seedling for the price?" persistence paid off. In 1984 our Big Burly was introduced and its popularity along with other additions to the Family of Burlys has grown.

Several expansions later with tens of thousands of plug trays leaving Chalfont (actually Eureka, PA) since 1978. Today with almost three acres of high tech greenhouse production and several acres of outdoor production area Gro' n Sell produces over 3000 varieties of annuals, perennials, holiday and specialty crops, cut flowers, herbs and custom grown specialty crops. In 2008 Gro' n Sell formed a strategic partnership with Lucas Greenhouses in Monroeville, NJ. Lucas currently contract grows the finished sized Big Burly in their new state of the art facility. This alliance has teamed 2 growers who excel in quality products and production. This allows Gro'n Sell to take advantage of an additional 5 acres of production space at Lucas along with access to Lucas transportation allowing for economical delivery of complete product line.

As in any business or organization the credit goes to the people who make up our team and are striving for not just good but great products and customer satisfaction. Our brief history above, does not give all the details of our highs and lows (that's another story) but hopefully has given you some insight into our History. Our History is shaped by our Core Values and these Core Values are based on the belief that God has a calling and purpose for each of us. Both our company and many of us personally have been blessed by God's love and graciousness. Personally and professionally we have been entrusted with gifts that we must use to honor the God who gave us life. Our relationship with God must also make a difference in how we live it out. I trust the difference is evident. If not please let me know.

Dave Eastburn
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