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    This page offers general contact information for Gro'n Sell, as well as phone numbers for our distributors. A complete Gro'n Sell email directory is also available for your convenience.

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Gro'n Sell Contact Numbers and Directions

    Mailing Address
        Gro'n Sell, Inc.
        320 Lower State Road
        Chalfont, PA 18914

        (215) 822-1276

    Fax (Please place any orders by fax, if possible.)
        (215) 997-1770

    Directions to Gro'n Sell, Inc.
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    Hours of Operation
            8 AM - 4:30 PM

Gro'n Sell Distributors Numbers and Web Sites
    Aris Horticultural Services
        800-232-9557    (website)
    Ball Seed
        800-879-2255    (website)
    BFG Supply
        800-833-0234    (website)
    Eason Hort. Resources Inc.
        800-214-2221    (website)
        855-674-8440    (website)
    Fred C. Gloeckner Co.
        800-345-3787    (website)
    Germania Seed
        800-380-4721    (website)
    Griffin Ghse. Supplies, Inc.
        800-732-3509    (website)
    Harris Seeds
        800-544-7938    (website)
    Henry F. Michell Co. Inc.
        800-422-4678    (website)
        800-943-2230    (website)
        800-366-0350    (website)
    Park Seed Co.
        800-845-3366    (website)

Gro'n Sell Email Directory
    General Questions
        General questions about Gro'n Sell, Inc. and our products.

    Gro-n-Sell.com Webmaster
        Gro-n-Sell.com Webmaster

    Dave Eastburn

    Fred Granja
        General Manager

    Anne Haag
        Vegetative Production Coordinator

    Rhonda Youngstrand
        Customer Service

    Sue Tompkins
        Customer Service

    Angie Stamile
        Customer Service

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