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Legal Information

What you CAN do:
    You may freely include text links to our website, http://www.gro-n-sell.com, but this must be done in a clean and efficient manner. We prefer that any reference to our company name or product names appear in a simple font and format and that you use appropriate words, such as "Gro-n-Sell.com" or "Click here for more information on Gro'n Sell, Inc." etc.

What you CANNOT do:
    You may not use the Gro'n Sell logo on its own, nor any other Gro'n Sell graphic, image, or logo to make the links described above unless you obtain express written permission by emailing the webmaster. Once you obtain this permission, you may use the Gro'n Sell graphic, image, or logo to link to our site. If you do choose to use the Gro'n Sell graphic, image, or logo, you agree to its use as is, meaning it is not to be altered in any way that disturbs the image that you were originally granted permission to use.

What you MUST do:
    As described above, you must obtain express written permission before using any Gro'n Sell graphics, images, or logos. If you fail to obtain permission from the webmaster and choose to violate the terms of use described above, action will be taken as follows:
  1. You will be sent an email by the webmaster requesting that you either remove the unauthorized use of Gro'n Sell information, or that you alter the information to meet the guidelines described above.
  2. If you choose not to follow the instructions given in the preliminary step above and Gro'n Sell feels that your action requires immediate follow up, steps will then be taken with your webhosting service and it will be requested that your site be removed due to your negligence of abiding by the terms described herein.
Trademark Information:
    The following contains a list of items that are trademarked through Gro'n Sell, Inc. along with a link to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office describing the detail of each trademark. If you choose to use any of the following phrases and/or logos, permission must also be granted by emailing the webmaster. You must then use the proper symbols ( ® ) when referring to the following:
    This page and all other pages under the Gro-n-Sell.com domain are © 2004-2017, Jeremy Eastburn. You may not reproduce this web page or any content of this web page. All text and creative style displayed under the Gro-n-Sell.com domain are also copyrighted under Jeremy Eastburn and may not be reproduced in any way. Please refrain from attempting to copy the ideas, concepts, or images presented on this web page.

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